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Is Capcom really adding anti-mods DRM to older games?

Capcom wasn't kidding about preventing players from modding its games, and it has seemingly started implementing measures to do just that.

Image credit: Capcom.

Capcom is reportedly turning its newfound stance against modding into action. The Japanese publisher, which recently called mods "no different than cheating" in an RE Engine developer update, has started cracking down on modding of its games.

Since that statement was made, there have been scattered reports that Capcom has been taking down Monster Hunter speedrunning videos which rely on mods, such as those published by YouTube channel Team Darkside.

Now, players have spotted fresh updates to old Capcom games, with one of those being Resident Evil Revelations. As seen on SteamDB, the game's .exe file has been updated a few times in recent weeks.

On the Steam forums, players have been trying to unpack what was actually added/changed, and found that to be The Enigma Protector, an anti-tamper DRM. According to The Enigma Protector website, the software offers a range of services that include "protect[ing] the executable file from hacking, analysis, modification and disassembly."

According to many on the Steam forums, the latest update has actually prevented the game from being able to run on their system, while others complain about a hit to performance as well as more pronounced stuttering - two issues commonly associated with DRM.

The DRM supposedly also prevents things like Cheat Engine from working. This is a particularly strange stance to have about modifying single-player games such as Revelations, but it is in line with how Capcom views modding now. Nevertheless, if the company is indeed going back and adding ways to prevent players from be being able to mod its games then it's going to set a dangerous precedent for future games.

The saga, of course, started with the naked Chun-Li incident, when a Street Fighter 6 tournament was interrupted after Chun-Li appeared nude thanks to a modded 3D model one of the two players taking part in a match had been using.

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