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Candy Crush Saga adverts ditched as dev strives for uninterrupted play

Candy Crush Saga developer King is to ditch in-game adverts in favour of a more seamless, uninterrupted gaming experience, according to an internal email sent around the company.

Picked up by InsideMobileApps, the email reads as follows:

"King's #1 focus around delivering an uninterrupted entertainment experience for our network of loyal players across web, tablet and mobile has unfortunately led to the difficult decision of removing advertising as a core element of King's overall strategy.

"The executive team has decided to withdraw completely from the advertising business thus, removing all advertising elements within every King game worldwide effective immediately."

King has yet to make a public statement on the matter, and has since suggested that given the company's high income from in-game purchases it perhaps doesn't need to fall back on traditional advertising revenue streams to make its daily bread.

What do you make of the above? Is it a good move?

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