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Care to guess how much Rockstar's founders are personally worth?

The Times has published its yearly Rich List feature, which charts the worth of Britain's 1,000 wealthiest people. Rockstar founders Sam and Dan Houser are on the list, along with four people with controlling interests in Candy Crush developer King.


This may surprise you, given how well Grand Theft Auto 5 and other Rockstar properties have sold over the years, but the Housers placed at 947 with a combined worth of £90 million. You can only imagine how much the higher places are worth. It's dizzying.

Top of the list's gaming category is Mel Morris, a businessman our of Derbyshire who owns a 12% stake stake in Candy Crush developer King worth £407 million. He's ranked 238 overall and is worth £430 million.

He's not the only King shareholder on the list either. Company co-founder and CEO Riccardo Zacconi sat at 271th place with an overall worth of £354 million, while his fellow founder Sebastian Knutsson placed at 458th with £200 million. We really hope Riccardo isn't slinging it in Sebastian's face.

They're followed by King COO Stephane Kurgan, who is worth £85 million overall, thanks to his £84 million stake in the firm. He entered the list at 989.

Other big hitters included GAME founder Neil Taylor who is worth £220 million, and Jagex founders Andrew and Paul Gower at £102 million.

Are you surprised by the numbers? Let us know below.


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