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Call of Duty: Mobile surpasses 35 million downloads, controller support still being tested

Call of Duty: Mobile has been out for less than a week and it's already pulled some massive numbers.

Activision released Call of Duty: Mobile earlier this week, and it's already surpassed 35 million downloads.

It is also the number one ranked app on the App Store based on downloads in over 100 countries.

While Activision didn't disclose figures, Sensor Tower estimated that by October 2 the game had raked in over $2 million with 20 million installs - a huge jump from launch day which saw 2 million installs.

The launch wasn't without issues though, as many players were unable to connect to the game. Then, controller support was removed.

Widespread support for controllers was apparently unintentional, so Activision patched it out; however, tests are still being held in select regions.

According to Activision’s VP of Mobile Chris Plummer, it's a balancing issue and should controller support be implemented, those using peripherals could have their own lobbies.

"In terms of peripherals, we are looking at the possibility and have already been testing controller support with a portion of our live audience," Plummer told Hypebeast.

"It is very important to us that we maintain fair balance across the game. One example of this is we have separate lobbies in Battle Royale for first-person perspective and third-person perspective players since you have the option to choose either in Battle Royale. We may implement a similar solution for players using controllers if needed."

Call of Duty: Mobile released on Tuesday, October 1, in all countries and regions where Google Play and the App Store are supported, save for Mainland China, Vietnam, and Belgium.

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