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Walmart expands used games business, will sell Call of Duty: Advance Warfare a day early

Walmart, or as my family in the corporation's hometown call it - The Beast of Bentonville - is now accepting trade-ins and selling used games. It is also offering an incentive for those buying Call of Duty: Advance Warfare.


First up, the 'Day Zero' edition of the shooter will be made available one day early on November 3 starting at 12:01am local time in more than 3,600 stores.

The launch coincides with the expansion of used game sales, and Walmart will be offering 50% more for customers trading in any used video game when they purchase Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare on from November 3-4.

Customer will also be handed double trade-in value when trading in any used video game and purchasing a PlayStation 4.

While you are at Walmart, head over to the drink and chips sections and pick up specially marked boxes or bags, respectively, of diet or regular Mountain Dew or Doritos and net an exclusive exoskeleton for the game along with additional empty calories.

Certified, pre-owned video games will be sold in 1,700 stores, building upon the trade-in program the retailer launched in March.

More information on the trade-in incentives can be found through Walmart's hub page. You can also find out more on the CoD: Advance Warfare incentive through Walmart's online press release.

Thanks: GI International via Bloomberg.

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