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Call of Cthulhu resurfaces with new developer

Call of Cthulhu has undergone a mysterious transformation. How thematic.


Call of Cthulhu was announced back in January 2014 with a bunch of concept art, courtesy of Sherlock Holmes series developer Frogwares.

After this promising start, publisher Focus Home Interactive went dark - which is very on theme. But like the Elder Gods themselves, you can't keep a Cthulhian video game adaptation down, and it has woken from its slumber to - alright, alright, I'm getting to the point. Geeze.

Behold! A new website suggests we'll shortly see some new information on the project. And in fact we have some already; scroll down and you'll notice Frogwares has exited in favour of Cyanide - the team behind Blood Bowl, Game of Thrones and Styx, among others.

I've refreshed my inbox several times and still can't find any word from Focus on this intriguing topic, so I'll ask Pat to practice his French on the publisher's representatives and see if we can't find out a bit more.

Lovecraft games seem to suffer a bit of a vapourware curse, so fingers crossed, eh?

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