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Burnout Paradise better than sex: official

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EA's really chancing its arm here. It's announced a US Valentine's Day promotion in which gamers can spend the evening playing Burnout Paradise against two actors - Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, "stars of MTV’s The Hills" - on Xbox Live.

"Players will also have an opportunity to chat and play with Burnout Paradise producer Craig Sullivan and other surprise guest celebrities," said this.

Now, we've met Craig. He's a nice lad. But our advice to anyone thinking of doing this, probably consider the alternative of "going out with your partner, getting them a bit p**sed then shagging them on the living room carpet". We're guessing here, but we're going to stick our leg in the sand and say that's probably going to be a little more life-affirming than chatting to a bloke about a game on the internet on Valentine's Day.

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