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Bungie: We're not making a steampunk game

After a rumour emerged yesterday that Bungie was shooting photos for a steampunk project, the studio has confirmed the work has nothing to do with its Activision IP.

"We were actually shooting for another video game company in space borrowed from the Bungie Offices," Bungie's Liz Spain, the poster of the original request for people to dress in their steampunk gear and come into Bungie for the shoot, told Gamespot.

"The game we were shooting for is going to be on the iPad."

It emerged yesterday that Bungie was advertising for steampunk fans, especially those with Victorian-style military uniforms, to lend their services and be photographed for the project.

Rumour obviously assumed this was something to do with Bungie's Activision IP, rumoured to be called Destiny, which was announced in April last year.

The new game is yet to be fully announced and has no release date, but we do know it's being made for PC, PS3 and 360.

And it's not a steampunk thing. Which is kind of a shame, in a way.

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