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Bulletstorm: Duke of Switch gets surprise release on Switch

Gearbox kept quiet about Bulletstorm: Duke of Switch for months, but the game has just been released for everyone on Switch.

During Gearbox's PAX West panel today, the developer-publisher announced that Bulletstorm: Duke of Switch is now available on Nintendo Switch.

Duke of Switch was actually first revealed at PAX East in March as a summer release.

The Switch version is based on Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition, which means all the upgrades and enhancements (and DLC) this version has over the original are present. This also includes the Duke Nukem bonus, which adds Duke Nukem as a playable character, complete with new dialogue.

The port is done by Dragon’s Lake, a developer who worked on many games such as Mass Effect, Alan Wake, The Division and more. Bulletstorm: Duke of Switch is available now on the Switch eShop for $29.99.

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