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Breath of the Wild: How to Dye Clothes

There are tons of gear items for Link to find and equip in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but you can also turn these gear items a different color using dye. In this Zelda Breath of the Wild dye guide, we'll be walking you through how to dye clothes in Breath of the Wild, so you can easily switch between color schemes on the fly.

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How to Dye Clothes in Breath of the Wild

Head to Hateno Village, to the south east corner of the map. There is a dye shop in this town, with colorful bottles on the roof. After entering the Kochi Dye Shop talk to Sayge. He will then talk to you about what you want to do. You can dye a set of clothes you're wearing or revert dyed clothes back to their original colors. A dye takes effect on every item Link is wearing. The process costs 20 rupees and five items of the dye's color.

Choose the items you want to use to make the dye

Once you've chosen the color your want to use you'll be taken to your inventory, from which you'll need to select five items of the dye color. It's worth bearing in mind that some of the items you can use are a lot more valuable than others. You don't want to be using Diamond to make a white dye when you could be using Hylian Rice or Silent Princess.

Where to Find the Dye Shop in Breath of the Wild

The Kochi Dye Shop is found in Hateno Village, in a row of shops as you enter the town. You can't really miss it as it has numerous oversized test tubes on its front, each carrying a different color dye. Hateno is on the far east of the game map and is where you go to get the camera.

Head to the shops in Hateno to find the dye shop

Dye Colors and Required Ingredients

  • Blue Ingredients: Blue nightshade (plant), Sapphire, Ice keese wing (monster part)
  • Red Ingredients: Apple, Spicy pepper, Hylian shroom, Sunshroom, Ruby, Fire keese wing (monster part), Red lizalfos tail (monster part)
  • Yellow Ingredients: Mighty bananas, Zapshroom, Bird egg, Topaz, Yellow chuchu jelly (monster part), Electric, keese wing (monster part), Octorok eyeball (monster part), Hinox guts (monster part)
  • White Ingredients: Hylian rice, Diamond, Silent princess (plant), White chuchu jelly (monster part)
  • Black Ingredients: Hearty truffle, Flint
  • Purple Ingredients: Rushroom, Armoranth (plant), Monster extract, Swift violet (plant), Sunset firefly, Bokoblin guts (monster part), Octo balloon
  • Green Ingredients: Fleet-lotus seeds (plant), Stamella shroom, Hyrule herb, Restless cricket, Hot-footed frog, Lizalfos tail (monster part)
  • Light Blue Ingredients: Silent shroom, Octorok tentacle (monster part), Chuchu jelly (monster part), Moblin guts
  • Navy Ingredients: Luminous stone
  • Orange Ingredients: Endura shroom, Swift carrot, Fortified pumpkin, Warm safflina (plant), Mighty thistle (plant), Courser bee honey, Keese eyeball (monster part), Amber
  • Peach Ingredients: Wildberry, Hearty radish, Big hearty radish, Rock salt
  • Crimson Ingredients: Razorshroom, Chickaloo tree nut, Tireless frog
  • Light Yellow Ingredients: Palm fruit, Electric safflina (plant), Goat butter, Opal, Bokoblin fang (monster part)
  • Brown Ingredients: Iron shroom, Acorn, Hinox toenail (monster part), Hinox tooth (monster part), Hightail lizard
  • Gray Ingredients: Bokoblin horn (monster part), Lizalfos talon (monster part), Moblin horn (monster part), Moblin fang (monster part), Keese wing (monster part), Lizalfos horn (monster part), Ancient spring, Ancient gear, Ancient shaft, Ancient core, Ancient spring, Giant ancient core

How to Dye Specific Clothing Items to Create Mix and Match Outfits

This outfit is all green, but you can dye one item if you're only wearing one thing

Although dyes affect all items being worn, you get the option to change your outfit before going through with the procedure. If you only want to dye a shirt, all you need to do is take off all other items of clothing first. Simple!

Dye is a very visual thing, so why not use your eyes to watch this video that shows how to dye clothes in Breath of the Wild.

Watch on YouTube

If you need money to dye your clothes it's worth taking a look at our guide to quickly get rupees. We've also got a handy walkthrough on how to buy Link a house. There's no point wandering around in a menacing outfit if you don't know how to kill Guardians, or if you don't have enough health and stamina.

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