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Boom Blox: Spielberg drops mention of "next iteration beyond Bash Party"


Despite the fact the second Boom Blox game, Bash Party, still hasn't released, Steven Spielberg's already talking up a third title.

"You can become a creator at home," the media giant told Reuters.

"You can become a participant and you can become an activist. It's a really wonderful way to empower players to share their ideas with the world and give us better ideas for our own future of the next iteration beyond Bash Party."

While a third game may be yet a twinkling in Big Steve's eye, getting the first two to market has helped him keep his kids off the sofa, he said.

"It's been very, very good for a parent like me who wants our kids not to be couch potatoes, but to get up and move their bodies around more," added Spielberg.

Wii-exclusive puzzler Bash Party ships next week.

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