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Bohemia Interactive's Take on Mars set for Beta soon

The space sim will hit its next development milestone before Q3 this year.

Bohemia Interactive stopped by the E3 PC gaming event to chat not only about what the future holds for DayZ, but also another title under development by the studio, Take on Mars.

A PC exclusive offering support for modding through Steam Workshop, Take on Mars was first unveiled at E3 2013, with the title entering Early Access on Steam later that year. Development has been chugging away steadily since, and with the Beta officially due to drop within the next month or two, Bohemia has once again taken to the E3 stage to showcase the game with a new trailer.

Space exploration sims may be pretty thick on the ground these days, but Take on Mars distinguishes itself with the inclusion of real-world locations, featuring genuine simulations of the red planet as well as the Earth's moon and the Low Earth Orbit which houses the International Space Station. The trailer highlights some of these stunning locations as well as the new survival multiplayer mode.

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