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Take on Mars lands on the Steam Store after three years in Early Access

So Take on Mars is still a thing and it launched last week.

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Way back when, at E3 2013, Bohemia Interactive announced their brand new space sim, Take on Mars, that was due for release later that year.

Fast forward three years and a Steam Early Access release, and it's finally hit the Steam Store proper.

The final product has a Robotics campaign, a Manned Mission story campaign, and sandbox survival multiplayer.

The simulation aspect lets you "Experience motion in locations with different gravity strength, including Zero-G. Break off cameras, robotic arms, or even individual struts and wheels - all affecting the way your vehicle handles.

"Each object, system, and instrument in Take On Mars is accurately simulated to offer a truly authentic experience."

And with content creation and modding support, you can dream up your own weird and wonderful scenarios to boot.

Take on Mars is available on Steam now for £20.99.

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