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Take on Mars: Arma dev releases E3 trailer for its red planet romp

Take on Mars is the latest in Bohemia Interactive's space-faring series. THe game sees you in control of a lunar rover as it speeds across the red planet's surface and managing a space program.

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PCGamesN reports that Take on Mars is split into thee strains of gameplay. 'Space Program' sees you in control of a scientific research scheme, where you'll engineer and manage new exploration tech.

'Scenarios' mode hurls you into missions on Mars itself, offering a variety of objectives, and finally 'Editor' mode lets you create your own scenarios from scratch.

Your lunar rover is fragile and must be controlled with care, or you'll wind up with a lofty repair bill that will dent your space program's funds. It's all about the money, money, money.

The game's out later this year. The official Take on Mars site has more.

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