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Castlevania director Koji Igarashi's new game revealed, original composer & David Hayter on board

Castlevania director Koji “IGA” Igarashi has revealed his new project, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night.


Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is the new game veteran Castlevania director Koji Igarashi has been teasing for a while. The game is a spiritual successor to - you guessed it - classic Castlevania games.

Igarashi chose the crowdfunding route for his new project. The Kickstarter page is now live, with the modest goal of $500,000. The developer says that money raised on Kickstarter will contribute towards expanding the game's vision, suggesting that work on the game is already underway.

Stretch goals will also help release the game on discs, something that isn't too common in the video game Kickstarter world. The goals go all the way up to $850,000.

The campaign is adding a new twist however. Something the developer is calling 'backer achievements' can be unlocked by submitting fanart, helping spread awareness through social media, etc.. Unlocking these achievements will unlock "inventory items," which will modify some aspects of the campaign, add new backer rewards, and more.

The game is developed by Inti Creates, the same studio helping with Keiji Inafune's Mighty No. 9 - which itself is a spiritual successor to classic Mega Man games. Igarashi will be leading the project.

Michiru Yamane, who composed the soundtrack for plenty of classic Castlevania games, is on board. The developer also announced the first voice talent for the game, in the form of none other than David Hayter.

Of the $500,000 goal, the campaign has already amassed $145,315 at the time of writing, with 32 days left on the clock.

Be sure to visit the campaign page for details about the story, setting, and backer rewards.

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