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Bloodborne director's favourite boss fight is from Demon's Souls

Souls series designer Hidetaka Miyazaki has revealed his most favourite boss battle from the entire franchise.


Bloodborne director and Souls series designer Hidetaka Miyazaki is fond of a particular fight in Demon's Souls, the very first game in the Souls series.

Speaking to OPM in an interview appearing in Issue 109, Miyazaki said that the Old Monk fight is his favourite, because of how unique it was.

"I'm actually fond of a great many enemies and bosses from each title. But let me weed it down to one: the Old Monk," he said.

"This boss utilised a unique (and rather experimental) multiplayer system. I remember facing a lot of opposition to realise the idea. I also designed the boss' head collar myself."

The Old Monk boss fight is very different from other fights in the game, and the series. The boss summons another player to fight for him, which as Miyazaki noted, was experimental at the time. There's also this silly head collar.

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