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Blizzard: WoW movie still happening despite slow process


Blizzard's Vice president of creative development, Chris Metzen, has said the progress on the World of Warcraft movie has slowed, but it's still happening.

Speaking at Comic Con during a WoW merchandising panel, Metzen said director Sam Raimi is still "very, very passionate" about making the movie, and once the screenplay treatment is finished, "hopefully it'll start moving very quickly, very soon."

Back in April, Metzen told VG247 Blizzard was "kinda getting a lot of values together" regarding the story and how best to do the movie.

Sounds like things haven't evolved much further in the past few months, but all big projects take time, especially if it's to be done right.

On another WoW related note, Metzen also announced during the panel the next WoW novel will be called The Shattering, and gives readers a backstory leading up to the Cataclysm expansion.

Metzen said there are "dark times ahead" for Azeroth with Deathwing returning, and large parts of the game world will be destroyed by earthquakes.

"It's going to get rough out there for a while," he said. "But there's a plan. The great heroes always rise to the top."

Thanks, Joystiq.

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