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Blizzard talks Titan, says it's hard to not "build on what other games do"

World of Warcraft lead systems designer Greg Street has discussed the development process behind Project Titan with Eurogamer, and has said that it's a bit hard to create a game which doesn't borrow from another one on the market.

"The other day a designer was apologising, saying, 'Are you going to be mad if we steal that idea?'," Street told Eurogamer. "Game designers steal ideas all the time.

"We build on what other games do. It's hard to look at many features in WoW and say, 'Blizzard were so brilliant for coming up with that in a vacuum.'

"We're building on what great game designers have done since they started making games."

For the moment, there's not much known about Project Titan at the moment, but if the rumored release date of 2013 is accurate, it's likely we'll hear something about it come, at the very least, BlizzConn 2012.

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