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Black Isle relaunch to utilise classic Interplay IP

Interplay has given further details of its mysterious relaunch of legendary CRG developer Black Isle Studios.

"Black Isle Studios returns to game publishing and is inviting the best talent to join its team to bring to market new AAA innovative RPGs based on Interplay’s critically acclaimed intellectual properties," Interplay CEO Herve Caen said in a statement, as reported by Shack News.

"It really feels like getting the band back together as we're seeing opportunities not available to us before. Given our unique position, expanding online and mobile platforms, and renewed interest in our proven properties, I see an incredible success potential for Black Isle Studios."

Interplay isn't ready to give details of staff members or projects yet, but has promised more news soon.

The studio brand's reformation was announced with a somewhat cryptic website update overnight. Founder Feargus Urquhart and notable former team member Chris Avellone are not involved, and Interplay co-founder Brian Fargo is equally in the dark.

Black Isle was one of a number of inter-related and highly celebrated RPG developers of the 1990's and 2000's. It produced Fallout and Fallout 2, Planescape: Torment, and the Icewind Dale series. There has been plenty of interest in a proposed Planescape: Torment sequel; Fallout precursor Wasteland has Kickstarted a sequel; and related property Baldur's Gate is to be re-released in HD form. That said, Interplay owns quite a few properties from its other studios, which the new team could presumably leverage.

Celebrated members of the original Black Isle Studios include Tim Cain, Leonard Boyarsky, Jason D. Anderson, Chris Jones, Darren Monahan and Chris Parker. Related teams include Troika, Obsidian, inXile, Shiny and BioWare.

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