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Bioware teases next Mass Effect with a short video for N7 Day 2023

Who is this, why did they draw their weapon, and where are they headed?

Mass Effect Teaser Trailer Still
Image credit: Bioware

It's N7 Day, and Bioware could be teasing Mass Effect 5, from what we gather.

Bioware teased fans with codes to decipher, and each revealed video clips.

Mass Effect teaser for N7 Day 2023.Watch on YouTube

The first one saw users translating binary code from an official blog post, which spelled out the word Epsilon - which is the fifth letter of the Greek alphabet and rather fitting for the teaser.

The second code came by a link leading to a countdown on the EA website with the access code Oculon-2819-Defiance. This opened up a second video clip. Oculon was the original name for the Citadel, and 2819 is the year the Andromeda Initiative arrived in the Andromeda galaxy

The third provided a look at the whole video, which you can see above.

Announced as in very early development in late 2020, next to nothing is known publically about the next Mass Effect game - other than a few teaser images. It's thought the game is a sequel to Mass Effect 3 and the fourth game in the series, Mass Effect Andromeda.

A release window has not been provided for the game, and the information above is about all that's known - at present. But, a big annual event is coming up next month - The Game Awards. Bioware teased the next Mass Effect game during the show in 2020, so it's possible we'll get another tease when the show airs on December 7.

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