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Big Mass Effect 3 reveal teased for next issue of Xbox World

Don't you just love teases? No? Yes? Maybe? However you feel about being taunted with information you can't have yet, Xbox World is betting you want to know what the "killer new feature" for Mass Effect 3 is, as it's set to be revealed in the magazine's next issue hitting stands on October 25.

The tease was shown on a "coming next month" page in the latest issue.

Rumors circling the internet since May suggest the game will contain some sort of multiplayer mode, or at least co-op, and even Bioware itself has been teasing some "secret feature X" since July.

Whatever this tease is, at least we'll only have to wait until near the end of the month for it - unless it leaks sometime before that.

Mass Effect 3 is out in March.

Thanks, CVG.

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