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Beyond: Two Souls has no QTEs, states Cage

Beyond: Two Souls may come from the same team that brought you Heavy Rain, but it doesn't have a single QTE, Quantic Dream's David Cage has told VG247.

VG247 attended a hands-on event in Paris earlier this week, and during an introduction with Cage, learned that the game is completely free of quick-time distractions.

"No more quick-time events," Cage promised. "We didn't really have a problem with QTEs in Heavy Rain and I don't think that players who played the game had any problem with that, but we wanted to reconsider the possibility of - instead of saying to the player what they're supposed to do - how could we get rid of this and let players define by themselves, conclude by themselves what they're supposed to do?

Cage added that the game's new control system will allow players to deduce what is going on without them being led by the hand through on-screen prompts.

"We still have a couple of prompts here and there, "Cage continued, "but no more than in a game like Tomb Raider, Uncharted or God of War, or whatever because all games use some prompts here and there.

"It's part of what gamers are used to these days, but we use them in very few opportunities, and it's not part of the main interface any more."

Are you glad to see the back of Heavy Rain-style QTEs? Let us know about it below.

Meanwhile, Pat has gone hands-on with Beyond: Two Souls and has written a full appraisal of what he saw here. It even involve a scene that sees you helping to deliver a baby, and cutting the umbilical cord as well, which is surely a first for gaming.

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