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Beyond Good & Evil 20th Anniversary Edition set for 2024 release mistakenly released on the Xbox Store

Not indicative of the final game.

A 20th Anniversary Edition of Beyond Good & Evil is slated to be released in 2024, news of which comes after the game was mistakenly posted to some storefronts overnight.

The title was available on the Xbox Store and to some Ubisoft+ subscribers, which the company assured was not indicative of the final game.

According to Ubisoft, what was released was an early development version of the game.

The company stated Beyond Good & Evil 20th Anniversary Edition is scheduled for an early 2024 release, and more information on it will be shared next year.

Beyond Good & Evil was released in 2003 for PC, PlayStation 2, Xbox and GameCube. It follows Jade, an investigative reporter, martial artist, and spy part of a resistance movement aiming to reveal an alien conspiracy.

It was created by Michel Ancel, known for the Rayman series, and was received well by critics and players alike, yet was considered a commercial failure by Ubisoft at launch.

In the years following its release, the game gained a cult following, prompting Ubisoft to release an HD remastered version for Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network in 2011.

In 2017, a prequel was announced. Titled Beyond Good and Evil 2, the game is still in development - although word on it has gone quiet.

There's also a hybrid live-action animated film adaptation in development for Netflix.

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