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Beyonce settles $100m dance game lawsuit

The long-running $100m dance game lawsuit against pop singing sensation Beyonce has finally been settled, a report published on the New York Post reveals.

Back in 2011, the singer was sued by New York based firm Gate Five for the breach of a licensing deal as she walked away from a commitment to make a dance video game after putting forward an "extortionate demand for entirely new compensation terms".

The game known as Starpower: Beyonce, which was supposed to release for motion-sensing devices such as Kinect, Move and Wii, had already run up $6m in development costs at the time of Beyonce's walking out.  It was apparently estimated to make around £100m.

However, lawyers for Gate Five and the singer has signed an agreement today which dismisses "all claims or counterclaims" without any fees involved.

The firm's lawyer, Peter Gallagher, had this to say "We've settled amicably. I can't discuss the terms of the settlement, but it was resolved."

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