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Court reject Beyonce's appeal, $100 gaming lawsuit going to trial

Beyonce Knowles-Carter has failed to have a lawsuit against her dismissed by court. The singer allegedly exited a deal to make a game with Gate Five in 2010, causing the company serious losses in the process.

The studio claim Knowles backed out of a deal to make Starpower: Beyonce. The title aimed to take advantage of motion-controlled dances games that have proven wildly popular over the last few years.

Gate Five is said to have let 70 employees go as a result of the deal breaking down, as well as losing $100 million in profits.

Beyonce suggests she didn't commit due to the project's lack of funding. Gate Five go against this claim, suggesting the global superstar understood it was about to secure additional money for the project. In the wake of cancellation, the company is suing for $6.7 million in compensation and $100 million in damages.

This is all set to receive trial in front of a jury. Oh-oh-oh.

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