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BBFC: "We don’t know what Dr Byron is going to recommend"

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The BBFC has admitted is doesn't know what Tanya Byron's going to recommend in her report to the government about UK games regulation next month, but has said that it's prepared to take on the job of classifying all games for Britain is necessary.

“We don’t know what Dr Byron is going to recommend, but we’d be prepared to take on the role of classifying all games if that’s what’s decided,” said BBFC spokesperson Sue Clark, adding, "BBFC is a rating people understand from film and DVD, so it might give parents a bit more piece of mind... It would mean a bigger workload – but that’s our problem, not the industry’s – and we know we could handle it."

Clark's comments came after PEGI today said that a move away from the current, voluntary rating in the UK would be a "step backwards".

The Byron Report, which is thought to recommend that all British games should be rated with a cinema-style system, is to be filed with the government next month.

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