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Bayonetta creator wistful over possible Jeanne spin-off

Bayonetta director Hideki Kamiya would like to make a spin-off of the OTT action game, starring the titular witch's opposite number, Jeanne.

Speaking in the latest batch of director commentary for the 2010, embedded below, Kamiya referenced one of its special features, "Cutie J".

"She’s Jeanne as a heroine, who would star in a spin-off game I like to fantasize about," the director noted.

Jeanne, who plays an important role in the story, sports a character design deliberately similar to Bayonetta's, but with varied colouring. Additionally, as Platinum Games famously pointed out pre-release, some of her physiology is less ridiculous. Not much, though.

Bayonetta released in early 2010 to underwhelming response, but managed decent sales and a dedicated fanbase of hardcore action fans. No sequel or continuation has been hinted at by Sega or Platinum.

Thanks, Siliconera.

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