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Battlefield Hardline: should PC and console balance be treated differently?

When it comes to Battlefield Hardline, or any title for that matter, should console and PC games be treated any differently in terms of game balance? That's the question our resident Battlefield expert Westie poses in his latest video posted below.

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According to Westie, many PC players are finding the game much easier to play than console players. Such claims encompass everything from weapon stats (recoil, rate of fire etc.) and the input to the platform (mouse/keyboard or controller).

One example highlighted in the video is the K10 which contains high recoil on console, but virtually none on PC - the result of which is killing people "instantly."

Westie provides more examples of weapon balancing in the video, so just have a watch and hear what he has to say for yourself.

The first DLC drop for Battlefield Hardline is titled Criminal Activity and it will arrive sometime in June. Premium members will be granted early access to the expansion.

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