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Watch us blow up everything in Battlefield: Hardline's PS4 beta

Battlefield: Hardline is in beta right now on PS4 and PC. VG247's Dave Cook has recorded a few matches of Visceral's cops and robbers shooter, starting with is fast-paced Heist mode on new map High Tension.

We've played Battlefield: Hardline in LA and interviewed Visceral Games on everything that's new. Hit up the links to see what they said, and to watch some fresh gameplay.

Here's my raw capture from the Battlefield: Hardline PS4 beta:

In it, both cops and criminals need to secure two money drops from a downed bank convey, then drag the loot back to their escape zone by any means necessary. It's absolutely nuts thanks to a high volume of vehicles tearing across the environment, and lots of destructive Levolution effects.

The crane in High Tension can also be collapsed to create more devastation and new walkways up to higher levels. It's an ace map. At base level Hardline controls just like Battlefield 4 but has a few new tricks up its sleeves. Also, the new baseball bat melee takedowns are savage.

Have a look and see what you think.

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