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Battlefield: Hardline gets one of the first 60 FPS trailers to grace YouTube

YouTube has finally added support for framerates higher than 24 FPS, so you can see 60 FPS games in all their glory.

Some creators have already started uploading 60 FPS content; check out the Battlefield: Hardline multiplayer footage below.

This change is important because frame rate is becoming more and more of an issue as we move into the PS4 and Xbox One generation. Currently, a game's resolution and frame rate on both platforms is a major talking point, although we expect that to die off a bit as developers find ways to make the experience equal on both consoles without compromising.

While developers and publishers have been able to make claims about a game's frame rate performance, they haven't been able to show this off for marketing purposes. YouTube's change will make it easier to impress potential fans with silky smooth footage.

According to the YouTube Creator Blog, this is just one of a number of changes coming to YouTube very soon, but the others aren't likely to have much of an impact on gamers, although they will be great for the creators of your favourite Let's Plays, walkthroughs and other video content. Like us, for example.

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