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Battlefield 1 still experiencing server lag issues after patch

The server lag experienced after Battlefield 1's expansion release is still active, but DICE is investigating the problem.

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Server lag is no fun in multiplayer games, especially one as action-focused as Battlefield 1. When the In The Name of the Tsar expansion launched earlier this month, our friend Westie posted a video about lag problems cropping up for most players. A hefty patch released last week was supposed to fix the problem, but as Westie reports, the problem is as frustrating as ever.

For the past month, players like Westie have been experiencing Battlefield 1 matches where every action - up to and including switching weapons - is prevented thanks to server lag. Unlike traditional lag, which is created by an individual player connection, server lag slows down the game for all players and needs to be corrected on the developer's end. While the public only has anecdotal reports right now, the issues seems to primarily impact European servers located in Ireland. North American servers largely seem to be unaffected.

The good news is DICE has been collecting data on the problem after the patch didn't seem to resolve the problem. The studio is currently asking players to record gameplay while server lag is present with the Network Performance Graph activated. (This can be enabled through the Advanced Gameplay Settings menu.) DICE is also investigating the possibility that the physical servers themselves may need updating, with the studio's David Sirland suggesting hosted servers may be moved from Ireland to Frankfurt. Given Battlefield 1's popularity, here's hoping it's a problem that can be resolved soon.

Battlefield 1 is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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