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Battlefield 1 gets biggest weapon balance shake-up since launch

A new patch for Battlefield 1 has given the game its biggest change to weapons balance since it launched.

Available now in the community Test Environment, the September Weapons Balance update has increased the time to kill of all major weapons.

Light machine guns and SMGs now do more damage, typically requiring one less bullet to kill.

Self-loading rifles now have better accuracy and range, and shotguns now have a more consistent dispersion of pellets.

"We're tweaking many weapon values to get them to feel more powerful and to slightly reduce the disparity in raw time to kill between fast firing and slow firing weapons," said DICE.

"This should get most of the weapons to reach a time-to-kill closer to that of Battlefield 4 and allow players with great weapon control and mechanical skills to have a better chance dealing with multiple enemies and coming out victorious of a duel even if they start with a health disadvantage."

Our man Westie has summarised the major changes in this video.

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Not jumped into Battlefield 1 for a while? It sounds like with these changes the time is right to get yourself back on the frontline.

After more tweaking in the CTE, expect the weapons balance to be applied to the main game soon.

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