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Update: Tekken 8 producer shoots down recent Julia leak as fake

The private video listing claimed to be of Julia has been addressed, and denounced.

Update: This 'leak' has since been addressed by Producer Michael Murray, who has stated it was fake. The full Tweet can be seen below.

Just as the world was inching towards the Tekken 8 release later this month, one final leak from Bandai Namco may have spoiled another character ahead of its official reveal. That is, if it's real. Spoilers ahead for those who want to find out at the intended time.

This leak doesn't come from a social media account, nor an accidental store page release, but from YouTube. Specifically Bandai Namco North America's YouTube channel, which was in the process of uploading a character trailer early this morning. This video can now no longer been seen, but screenshots circulating online claim to have caught the character name.

The character in question? Josie! First introduced to the game in Tekken 7, this fighter from the Phillippines is all about her mix of kickboxing and Muay Thai. She was firmly on the side of the Tekken Force, but that faction got split thanks to story shenanigans in prior games. So, who knows what she'll be doing in Tekken 8 story-wise? She also beat up Kuma in her story mode, who was just trying to return one of her earings. Yeah, the Tekken story goes places.

As with previous Bandai-sourced Tekken leaks, this likely means we can expect the trailer to go live in the coming days. With the entire base cast revealed, it looks like DLC characters are what we can expect. Makes sense, as from a business perspective you'd want people to get tempted to buy the Ultimate Edition, which contains a seasonal pass for the first year of DLC characters.

Josie is an interesting pick! Not exactly one of the more popular characters in the vast Tekken roster, but by no means a boring one. I suppose it's an impossible feat to try and please everyone - just one look at the Tekken 8 Reddit shows the combo of excitement from Josie players and deep sadness from others. Fingers crossed for Lidia.

What do you think of Tekken's first DLC character? Is it one you're excited for? Let us know below!

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