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Avatar: The Game will support 3D effects on 360 with HDMI-out


Avatar: The Game will support 3D effects on televisions that have the technology.

Good for you if you have the TV, but if you want to play it on Xbox 360 you will need one that has an HDMI-out.

According to the game's brand manager Luc Duchaine, the game will require 1080p resolution to see the 3D effects, and on 360 this is through the HDMI port.

Wii users will just have to be content with 2D, because 3D is not an option for it. Duchaine said that the only way 3D would have been accomplished on the Nintendo console was with anaglyph 3D combined with those lovely red and blue glasses.

However, Duchaine said that "anaglyph doesn't offer a quality image, and quality is synonymous with the James Cameron name."

Well, yeah. Cameron's king of the world ya know.

Via MTV Multiplayer.

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