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Avatar's film producer blames Fox for bad game sales


Jon Landau, the producer for the biggest film in the world - Avatar - has blamed Fox for the videogame adaptation's poor sales.

Speaking to Wired after his keynote at the 3D Gaming Summit on Thursday, Landau said that game developers need to work directly with filmmakers to ensure quality development and marketing of games based on the films.

"[Developing these games] can’t be studio-driven,” Landau said. “It has to be filmmaker-driven. I think [game companies] need to go find the Jim Camerons, Steven Spielbergs and Peter Jacksons of the world and develop the relationships with them".

“I wish it was coming together more,” Landau said of the connection between developers and Hollywood.

Landau believes that 20th Century Fox made "several" missteps that hurt the game's overall prospects.

According to him, Fox didn’t understand Ubisoft’s needs for marketing and making the game; therefore, the added reluctance on the studios part to allow Ubisoft to release an early trailer, made it hard to find and audience for it.

Avatar was released with middle to low reviews on PC, PS3, Wii and Xbox 360 in early December.

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