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Australian Homefront servers are go

THQ Australia has announced that local dedicated multiplayer servers for the upcoming Homefront went live today.

Unusually, THQ has chosen to provide dedicated servers for both console versions as well as the Digital Extremes-managed PC version.

Brisbane and Sydney play host to console servers, and THQ will release PC server files for those interested in setting up their own.

Local gaming destinations are already implementing servers, with content administrator Matt Lyons confirming multiple servers at launch.

"We've been working with Kaos on early builds of the server code," Lyons said.

For those on less neglected continental shelves, dedicated local servers are hot news down under because of latency issues to US or European equivalents, but publishers often weigh the expense against Australia's smaller population and cry off.

Homefront releases on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on March 15 in the US; March 17 in Australia; March 18 in the UK; and April 29 in Japan.

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