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AU News Wrap, September 28 - What happened today

I won a gleeful competition today, ate a delicious steak for lunch, managed to play some games, and even - gasp! - wrote some video games news. Amazing.

As I decided yesterday to launch a "my favourite games" header theme, and Tecmo Koei announced a new one today, I thought Warriors Orochi would do nicely for the image.

I am a super fan of Omega Force's Musou games, even though it's terribly unfashionable. I'm a bit of a Three Kingdoms and Sengoku geek anyway, but I just really dig the characters and stories in the games.

I also like the fact that you can button mash your way through if you want to, or turn the difficulty up to discover quite a precise brawler requiring a careful approach, split-second timing, and tactical knowledge of the battlefield.

Anyway, Warriors Orochi was like a dream come true for me when it released on PSP, because I was very ill at the time and had to spend months on end in bed. One hundred characters to level up? Heaven.

Pat will be along shortly with the Bulletcast, to fill you in on the best bits of past 24 hours, but if you want absolutely everything hit up Steph's wrap, and then, uh, scroll, as Johnny mysteriously didn't produce one yesterday.

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