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US News Wrap, September 27 - What Happened Today

Over the weekend, I messed around with creating ringtones for my new phone using some of the MP3s I have stored on discs.

It was a project I should have paid myself for, because - and I am not exaggerating - I probably have over 500 discs containing 70 or more MP3s each on them. You do the arithmetic.

Anyway, what ended up happening was, instead of creating lots of fun ringtones and designating something special for each person on my contact list, I ended up taking a walk down memory lane with each track I came across.

I listened to Tool and A Perfect Circle most of the night, with a bit of Tesla and KISS thrown in for good 80s measure. I even found gems I forgot I had, such as a few Fleetwood Mac and Alice in Chains rares. It was delightful.

In the end, I only managed to create four ringtones and here is what they are: Mother by Danzig for when my Mom calls; O Fortuna when the bossman calls (sorry Pat, I found it hilarious); Into the Fire by Dokken when Anita calls (because her and I both loved Dokken as kids), and The Imperial March for when  my older brother Rob rings me, because he is a Sith Lord if there ever was one. It's no wonder his D&D characters are always lawful evil.

Today's header image is a homage to a great lady with a great set of pipes, who I rediscovered through my walk down Nostalgia Street. I can't believe I forgot she existed. I feel slightly ashamed of myself.

Alright, enough of that. Just a note real fast though before I get you caught up on my shift, starting Tuesday, October 4, header images will be from my favorite movies. Prepare to be dazzled with my exceptional taste in celluloid.

That's it for me today. I will probably be weepy the entire day tomorrow, so, just be prepared.

Night, lovelies.

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