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Assassin's Creed Odyssey - The Wolf of Sparta Quest Guide: Should you Kill Nikolaos?

For the first time since the traumatic events of their childhood, the Misthios is about to stand face-to-face with Nikolaos, The Wolf of Sparta. On a mission from Elpenor to take The Wolf’s head, they’re faced with a heart-wrenching decision: take revenge and kill Nikolaos, the man that raised but ultimately betrayed them, or try to get answers.

Consider this your SPOILER WARNING for events that happen in the immediate aftermath of the decision, but I’ll try to keep the far-reaching ramifications as vague as possible.

Should you kill Nikolaos The Wolf of Sparta?

Atop the cliff-edge overlooking the battlefield, Nikolaos waits to see the Misthios that has been so helpful in overcoming the Atheneans in Megaris. But the meeting doesn’t turn out quite as he expected.

After the shocking revelation that his child is actually alive, the reunion turns heated, and you’re given a choice of whether to attack Nikolaos, or try to talk it out.

If you choose to kill Nikolaos, the following happens:

  • Nikolaos will be dead for the rest of the story, meaning he can’t reappear further down the line.
  • Seeing the commotion, Stendor will try to intervene and on seeing Nikoloas’ dead body, will attack you. Stendor must be killed to advance the quest, even if you knock him out with non-lethal damage he can’t be saved.

If you choose to spare Nikolaos, the following happens:

  • Nikolaos will disappear to find himself, and a new series of quests with open up with him later in the game.
  • Stendor won’t fight you, so will also still be alive

Whether you choose to kill or spare Nikolaos, the rewards for the quest will be the same, and you’ll still be told the same information.

The quests with Elpenor immediately after this one will also resolve in the same way regardless of whether you kill The Wolf or not.

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