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Assassins' Altair promotes PEGI

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An Assassins Creed-themed PEGI video hit Danish television this week, of a man dressed as Altair telling parents about violence and the appropriateness of certain games for their children.

This isn't all the Danes have done to bring parents up to speed, however. A website entitled Mediarådet (Media Advice) has been set up with a special section relating to video games. There's stuff in there for kids to discuss with their class at school and lots of help and information for adults about how to recognise what games are suitable for their children.

There's even an article that looks philosophically at the question of whether games are harmful or not. Surprisingly, it's one that doesn't jump to conclusions and recognises that there are differing opinions on the matter, and even links to a research note that outlines the empirical data collected so far.

You can see the PEGI video down below, and hopefully soon we'll be getting some English equivalents on British television before too long. Although, in fairness, the British Government did give itself until autumn 2008 "to begin raising awareness of videogame ratings to the general public."

The sooner the better.

By Mike Bowden

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