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Government publishes Byron Review action plan

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Sorry, missed this last night. The UK Government has published an action plan based on the recent Byron review, detailing how recommendations on games classification and internet usage by children is to be implemented. From this GI report:

Beginning this July, the government plans a four month public consultation on the reform of the videogames classification system, followed by published proposals in early 2009.

The Department of Culture Media and Sport will also work with the industry to agree on the classification of online games.

"The UK videogames industry is a real success story and the internet is now part of our lives in a way that we couldn't have imagined a few years ago," commented Margaret Hodge, Culture Minister.

"But just because these technologies are fast-moving and exciting doesn't mean that we shouldn't have appropriate safeguards.

"By taking forward Dr Byron's recommendations we will help children to safely navigate the internet and allow parents to make informed decisions about what is appropriate for their child," she said.

By autumn 2008, the government also hopes to begin raising awareness of videogame ratings to the general public.

Lots more through the link.

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