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CJ from San Andreas is now in Armored Core 6 and the world may never be the same again

CJ has traded Grove Street for Armored Core 6's Rubicon, potentially creating some sort of cosmic imbalance.

Image credit: VG247

Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon is in the hands of thousands of PC players, which includes industrious modders. And, if there's one thing modders like to do, it's bring popular things from other games/pop culture into hot new releases.

Modders have had a recent habit of inserting Carl Johnson from GTA: San Andreas into other games. Usually, these are model swaps, such as replacing Kratos in God of War and things of that nature. But what would you do with a game like Armored Core 6 where you don't see any human character?

The answer, of course, is to stretch CJ's model so it... becomes the AC. That's exactly what modder Dropoff (with help from TKGP) did. Their mod, simply titled Armored Carl, can be found on Nexus Mods. There's even video proof of this abomination in action:

As commenter Neosplaything put it, "I knew this mod was inevitable but I didnt think it would be one of the first." Well said.

The mod is actually a simple replacement of HC-2000, CC-2000, AC-2000, and 2C-2000 - the pieces that make up Armored Core 6's starting AC. If you change these parts, you may not get the same effect. The mod is compatible with Mod Engine, and UXM.

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