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Arma 3 beta is live, various options available for participation

Bohemia Interactive has announced the launch of the Arma 3 beta, and features the 20 km² island of Stratis, 20 weapons, 18 vehicles, three factions, eight showcase missions, four multiplayer scenarios, four challenges, the scenario editor and modding support.

“The Beta is a big opportunity for us to involve more players in Arma 3's development and is the next step along the road towards our full release," said creative director Jay Crowe in the press release. "With a variety of new singleplayer and multiplayer scenarios and a whole bunch of new sandbox content, we're looking forward to introducing players to what true combined arms combat really means in Arma 3.”

Those who participated in the Arma 3 Alpha will gain access to the Arma 3 beta by downloading the automatic update on Steam. Those who are new to Arma 3 can purchase the Arma 3 beta which includes the full retail game when released.

The regular Arma 3 Beta will run you €34.99/£29.99/$44.99 or you can grab the the Arma 3 Digital Deluxe Edition for €44.99/£39.99/$59.99.

Those who would like to sponsor development further, also have the option to purchase the Arma 3 Supporter Edition for €69.99/£59.99/$91.99 from the Bohemia store.

The price of each edition will increase upon launch of the full and final game.

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