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Apex Legends Shadowfall bug causes game to crash after boarding evac ship

Apex Legends players have fallen victim to a nasty bug in the new Shadowfall mode.

Shadowfall, in case you missed it, is a new limited-time mode available in Apex Legends as part of the game's Fight or Fight Halloween event.

Shadowfall is a solo-only game mode where dead players turn into zombies who then chase the remaining players. When the number of survivors drops to ten, all of them join the same team with one goal: head to an extraction point.

Unfortunately, Apex Legends players have come across a new bug that could turn this adventure sour. The issue was first shared by Reddit user Mirage_Main, whose game crashed after checking their inventory on the evac ship.

I’ve never felt so cheated... from r/apexlegends

Some suggested dropping items while on the ship can cause this crash (even though that's not what they did), but others argue it happens as soon as you check your inventory on the ship regardless of whether or not you drop any items. As you can see, the crash is sudden and immediately makes the entire run obsolete.

There doesn't appear to be a common consensus on what actually causes the bug, and Respawn has yet to respond to the Reddit thread in question. For now, though, it's best not to check your inventory while on the ship so as not to risk a crash.

Shadowfall is available until November 5.

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