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Apex Legends monthly revenue drops for the second month after launch

In its second month on from launch, Apex Legends' revenue has once again declined.

In SuperData's April report, the analytics firm revealed that Apex Legends' decline, which kicked off in March, carried on through April.

The game no longer has a spot in SuperData's top ten, revenue-generating games on either consoles or PC. During April, Apex Legends brought in $24 million, which is a little over a quarter of the game's launch month haul in February.

Though some decline is to be expected, competing games like Fortnite achieved remarkable growth during its first few months. The game regularly features in SuperData's top ten for digital revenue. Much of that is likely the result of an underwhelming battle pass - Apex's first, and the slow cadence of updates compared to Fortnite.

Fortnite is also available on more platforms, most notably mobile, which no doubt helps boost its numbers. In April, at least, Fortnite was the fifth highest-grossing game on PC, but didn't chart on either console or mobile.

The report also revealed that Mortal Kombat 11 sold more copies digitally than any other game in the series, 1.8 million copies across consoles and PC. This is up from just 400,000 for Mortal Kombat 10.

As for Apex Legends, EA is no doubt hoping the new season reveal at E3 will revitalise interest in the battle royale shooter.

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