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Apex Legends 1.08 PS4 patch causing crashes, fix on the way

Apex Legends has received a surprise new update on PS4 that ended up causing crashes for many.

Update 1.08 was released overnight for Apex Legends on PS4. Moments after its release, the game's subreddit was flooded with reports of crashes, particularly when selecting the Lifeline legend.

If you're wondering why this is the first time you're hearing about a new Apex Legends patch, it's because it was made specifically for PS4. Respawn wanted to update the PlayStation Plus skin rewards in the store, and since the patch didn't affect gameplay, the developer did not communicate it ahead of time.

After a few hours spent investigating, Respawn community manager Jay Frechette returned to Reddit to confirm that Respawn has identified the cause of the issue. It turns out, the Pick Me Up banner frames for Lifeline were trying to call a file that doesn't exist.

Anyone who has the banner will crash the game if they hover over it in the customisation menu. The game will also crash if you're viewing the banner card of any player who has it, including your own.

As a preliminary fix, the developer disabled the banner entirely until the issue has been resolved. Unfortunately, this won't prevent the game from crashing if you happen to unlock it in the near future.

A full fix is currently in the works.

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