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Massive Apex Legends Halloween event leak reveals zombies, dead teammates coming back to life, more

It looks like Apex Legends' rumoured Halloween event is more involved than we initially assumed.

For a while now, Apex Legends dataminers have been digging up references to some sort of Halloween event. Thanks to a recent Gamestop conference, we got a look at what's most definitely a Gibraltar Halloween skin.

Now that it's October, and the game's Season 3 is here, leaks are starting to get even more specific. Prominent dataminer and leaker Shrugtal recently published a number of very interesting findings, all but confirming the existence of the Halloween event. Not only that, they even managed to dig up a few details Respawn would have likely wanted to surprise players with.

The event is called Fight or Fright, and there are references to a limited-time mode called Shadowfall. Fight or Fright will seemingly take place on the game's old map, King's Canyon. The map will see several changes to its aesthetics to fit the spooky theme, most notably lighting getting changed to nighttime.

As for Shadowfall, it appears to be a solo mode where dead players come back as zombies, and loot crates are infested. The endgame of Shadowfall requires players to make it to an evac ship for extraction, which is an interesting twist on Apex Legends' traditional gameplay.

The biggest reveal in Shrugtal's posts, however, is the addition of zombies and monsters. The leaker found animations and 3D models of zombies, and spiders - of all things. There appear to even be spider caves referenced in the game's files.

How all this is going to play out remains a mystery, but certain code strings uncovered could give us a few hints. Zombies are said to be dropping alongside players at the start of the match, and they, along with spiders, will even lurch out at players opening loot crates.

Shrugtal even found brief in-game videos - above - that show off some of these elements, likely meant for a promo trailer. Halloween is not that far off, so expect Respawn to start officially teasing the event soon.

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