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APB gets new screen, date with E3


APB-Evolved has posted a new screen of Realtime Worlds MMO APB, along with apparent confirmation that we're going to see the game at E3.

The site's received a note from community manager Ulric, reading thus:

“Hi everyone at APB-Evolved, we just wanted to quickly say thanks for all your patience recently whilst we’ve been quietly pushing forward with the development of APB.

We know this can be frustrating for fans, so to show our appreciation we have decided to inform you guys that yes we WILL be at E3 this year and this will mark the start of lots more news, activities and information coming out about APB: All Points Bulletin.

Here is a brand new screenshot made especially for you guys to give you another look at the awesome character customizations that will make up a large part of APB.

See you all at E3.

Microsoft press conference for the win. Hopefully. We'll check with Realtime this morning.

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