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Animal Crossing: New Horizons players create marketplace to sell/trade items

Welcome to Nookazone, the Amazon of Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has a wealth of items players can buy and trade. From the cosmetic like clothes and furniture to the more practical like recipes - there's plenty to hunt for.

New Horizons encourages trading with a bigger focus on multiplayer, but you don't have to wait until someone who has what you need visits your island thanks to Nookazone, a new marketplace for New Horizons players to buy, sell and barter for anything they want, including villagers.

As with any marketplace, traders are free to create listings for the items they want to sell or buy, and the site is constantly updated with offers. Bells and Nook Miles are the two main currencies, unless you're willing to barter.

The listings come with the Discord ID for the buyer, as well as other details like their Switch Online username. It's very well laid-out and easy to browse, but the process itself doesn't take place on the site. You're free to use the information it provides to contact the seller directly and get it done.

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It's worth browsing if you're looking for a specific item you just can't seem to find on your own. Be warned, though, that you may be exposed to items you may not have known existed which will send you down a rabbit whole - just like the real Amazon.

Before heading there, stack up those Bells and Nook Miles with the help of our guides, which will get you to optimise their earn rate.

For more helpful tips, we have a whole Animal Crossing: New Horizons guide full of them.

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