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Animal Crossing New Horizons: How to create your own island tunes

As you improve your island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you'll eventually unlock the ability to compose an island theme song.

Once you've unlocked Isabelle and improved the Resident Services, you'll be able to create a new island theme song and she'll even sing it for you. It'll play as you wander around, so choose wisely as you don't want to be driven mad by the same little ditty.

The lads over at Arekkz managed to compose Animal Crossing version of various well-known tunes, including one that involves tossing bells at your Witcher. To get started, speak with Isabelle and choose the option to change the island tune. Some froggy sheet music will then appear and you can create a short song of your own.

The process reminds me of creating ringtones for old Nokia phones and it isn't complicated to master. If you want to hear what the songs sound like before entering them into your game, check out the video from Arekkz.

Animal Crossing New Horizons - How to create your own island tune

Each note has a different coloured frog face, including pauses. Grey and purple frogs represent stops and pauses respectively and are easily identifiable from musical notes. You'll also be able to place high and low versions of various notes, so have a play around with them and see what you like best.

We have 14 tunes for you to sample, so check out their compositions below. If you head over to NookNet, you'll be able to create your songs easily. You can also edit in-game by using the up and down directional buttons to change the notes one at a time.

Song titleComposition
Zelda themeA, stop, E, pause, pause, A, A, B, C, D, E, pause, pause, pause, stop, stop
Pokemon Centre themeC, G, C, G, stop, F, stop, E, D, B, stop x 6
Mario themeE, E, stop, E, stop, C, E, pause, G, stop, stop, G, pause, stop x 3
Monster Hunter themeF, stop, C, F, G, pause, stop, stop, C, F, G, F, C, stop, C, pause
Zelda Lost Woods themeF, A, B, pause, F, A, B, pause, F, A, B, E, D, pause, pause, stop
Wii Shopping themeD, D, stop, C, C, stop, B, B, stop, A, A, stop x 5
Pokemon victory themeD, C, B, C, D, D, D, stop, E, E, E, stop, D, D, D, stop
Do you want to build a snowman?G, G, G, D, G, B, A, pause, B, pause, stop x 6
Hedwig's themeA, pause, D, pause, pause, F, E, pause, D, pause, pause, pause, A, pause, G, pause
Hunger Games whistleA, pause, C, pause, B, pause, E, pause, pause, pause, stop x 6
The Rains of CastamereA, E, F, D, pause, pause, pause, F, pause, F, pause, F, E A, pause, pause
My Neighbor TotoroG, A, B, C, D, pause, B, G, pause, D, pause, C, pause, A, pause, pause
Castlevania Bloody TearsA, E, D, C, B, C, B, A, B, C, D, C, B, G, B, A
Toss a coin to your WitcherA, C, E, pause, D, C, D, E, pause, E, D, C, B, C, pause, A

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